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Explore list and details of all Post offices and PIN codes in Kodagu, Karnataka, India or Retrieve Kodagu PIN codes instantly with address lookup tool.

Explore list of Post offices and PIN codes in Kodagu district, Karnataka, India with our comprehensive directory. There are a total of 211 Post offices in Kodagu. Whether you're a resident, a business owner, or a traveler, our curated list provides a detailed overview of the unique postal index numbers that define the diverse localities and villages in the District. Our user-friendly guide aims to assist you in navigating and understanding the distinct regions encapsulated by Kodagu's PIN Codes, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors alike. Click on the Details buttons to explore full address detail and location map for the selected Post office or PIN code in Kodagu.

To find a comprehensive list of Post offices and PIN codes in Kodagu district, Karnataka, India, please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code and address for your mail's destination:

List of Post Offices & PIN codes in Kodagu

Office NameOffice TypePIN codeDetails
AbburkatteBranch Post Office571236
AbyathmangalaBranch Post Office571253
AigoorBranch Post Office571251
Alur SiddapuraBranch Post Office571235
AmmathiSub Post Office571211
AndagoveBranch Post Office571237
AnkanahalliBranch Post Office571235
ArameriBranch Post Office571218
ArapattuBranch Post Office571212
ArecadBranch Post Office571253
ArjiBranch Post Office571218
AthurBranch Post Office571215
Attur NallurBranch Post Office571237
AvandurBranch Post Office571201
B.ShettigeriBranch Post Office571218
BadagaBranch Post Office571217
Badaga BannagalaBranch Post Office571253
BadagarakeriBranch Post Office571249
BaichanahallyBranch Post Office571234
BalagundaBranch Post Office571236
BalajiBranch Post Office571213
Balambi(Chembu)Branch Post Office574234
BalamuriBranch Post Office571252
BaleleSub Post Office571219
BallamavatiBranch Post Office571214
BalliamandurBranch Post Office571216
BasavanahallyBranch Post Office571234
BegurBranch Post Office571216
BekkesodlurBranch Post Office571216
BellumaduBranch Post Office571218
Belur somwarpetBranch Post Office571236
BemblurBranch Post Office571235
BessurBranch Post Office571231
BethriBranch Post Office571252
BetoliBranch Post Office571218
BettadahalliBranch Post Office571236
BettageriBranch Post Office571201
BhadragolaBranch Post Office571254
BhagamandalaSub Post Office571247
BilugundaBranch Post Office571211
BirunaniBranch Post Office571249
BittangalaBranch Post Office571218
BoikeriBranch Post Office571201
ChembebelloreBranch Post Office571218
ChennayanakoteBranch Post Office571215
CherambaneBranch Post Office571201
CHESBranch Post Office571248
ChettalliSub Post Office571248
ChettimaniBranch Post Office571247
CheyandaneSub Post Office571212
ChikkamandurBranch Post Office571216
DevanageriBranch Post Office571218
DevanurBranch Post Office571219
DevarapuraBranch Post Office571213
DhanugalaBranch Post Office571213
DundalliBranch Post Office571235
EngilageriBranch Post Office571253
GalibeeduBranch Post Office571201
GanagurBranch Post Office571236
GaragandurBranch Post Office571251
GarvaleBranch Post Office571251
GonikoppalSub Post Office571213
GonimarurBranch Post Office571236
GopalapuraBranch Post Office571235
GowdalliBranch Post Office571236
GuddehosurBranch Post Office571234
GuyyaBranch Post Office571253
HakathurBranch Post Office571252
HalgundaBranch Post Office571211
HalligattuBranch Post Office571216
HanagalluBranch Post Office571236
HancodeBranch Post Office571236
HandliBranch Post Office571235
HaradurBranch Post Office571237
Harangi ProjectBranch Post Office571234
HariharaBranch Post Office571249
HathurBranch Post Office571218
HattiholeBranch Post Office571251
HebbaleBranch Post Office571232
HeggalaBranch Post Office571218
HeravanaduBranch Post Office571201
HerurBranch Post Office571234
HodavadaBranch Post Office571214
HoddurBranch Post Office571252
HoroorBranch Post Office571237
HoskoteBranch Post Office571237
Hosur(Ammathi)Branch Post Office571211
HudikeriSub Post Office571249
HysodlurBranch Post Office571249
ImangalaBranch Post Office571218
JodubettiBranch Post Office571216
K. NiduganeBranch Post Office571201
K.BoikeriBranch Post Office571218
K.BychanahalliBranch Post Office571237
K.ChettalliBranch Post Office571248
KadagadalBranch Post Office571248
KadangaBranch Post Office571212
KadanurBranch Post Office571218
KaggodluBranch Post Office571201
KaikeriBranch Post Office571213
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