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Explore list and details of all Post offices and PIN codes in Barmer, Rajasthan, India or Retrieve Barmer PIN codes instantly with address lookup tool.

Explore list of Post offices and PIN codes in Barmer district, Rajasthan, India with our comprehensive directory. There are a total of 485 Post offices in Barmer. Whether you're a resident, a business owner, or a traveler, our curated list provides a detailed overview of the unique postal index numbers that define the diverse localities and villages in the District. Our user-friendly guide aims to assist you in navigating and understanding the distinct regions encapsulated by Barmer's PIN Codes, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors alike. Click on the Details buttons to explore full address detail and location map for the selected Post office or PIN code in Barmer.

To find a comprehensive list of Post offices and PIN codes in Barmer district, Rajasthan, India, please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code and address for your mail's destination:

List of Post Offices & PIN codes in Barmer

Office NameOffice TypePIN codeDetails
Abhey Ka ParBranch Post Office344502
Adarsh BastiBranch Post Office344011
AdelBranch Post Office344033
Adrim Ka TalaBranch Post Office344702
AjitBranch Post Office344021
AkadaraBranch Post Office344034
AkalBranch Post Office344704
AkodaBranch Post Office344012
AlamsarBranch Post Office344702
AlamsariyaBranch Post Office344704
AlpuraBranch Post Office344031
AntiaBranch Post Office344702
ArangBranch Post Office344701
ArniyaliBranch Post Office344704
ArthandiBranch Post Office344021
ArtiBranch Post Office344706
AsadaBranch Post Office344022
AsadiBranch Post Office344011
Asarwa [Araba]Branch Post Office344026
AsotraBranch Post Office344022
AtimalaniBranch Post Office344001
BabuguleriaBranch Post Office344502
BachhrauBranch Post Office344708
BadnavaBranch Post Office344032
BagawasBranch Post Office344026
BaituSub Post Office344034
Baitu BhimjiBranch Post Office344034
Baitu ChimanjiBranch Post Office344034
Baitu PanjiBranch Post Office344034
BakhasarBranch Post Office344706
BalaiBranch Post Office344701
BalasarBranch Post Office344701
BalauBranch Post Office344012
Balau JatiBranch Post Office344026
BaleraBranch Post Office344012
BalewaBranch Post Office344011
BalotraSub Post Office344022
Balotra IASub Post Office344022
Balotra SBSub Post Office344022
BamarlaBranch Post Office344704
BamarwalaBranch Post Office344706
Bamnore AmarshahBranch Post Office344704
BamseenBranch Post Office344021
BandBranch Post Office344033
BandasarBranch Post Office344501
BandhadaBranch Post Office344011
BandraBranch Post Office344035
BantaBranch Post Office344031
Baori KallanBranch Post Office344702
BarmerHead Post Office344001
Barmer AgoreBranch Post Office344001
Barmer CollSub Post Office344001
Barmer DBSub Post Office344001
Barmer PRSub Post Office344001
Barmer RSSub Post Office344001
BataduBranch Post Office344035
BhachbharBranch Post Office344502
BhadkhaBranch Post Office344001
BhadreshBranch Post Office344011
Bhag Bhare Ki BeriBranch Post Office344704
BhagwaBranch Post Office344043
BhakharpuraBranch Post Office344031
BhalgaonBranch Post Office344706
BhalikhalBranch Post Office344704
BhalisarBranch Post Office344704
Bhalron Ka BadaBranch Post Office344021
BhandiyawasBranch Post Office344032
BhanwarBranch Post Office344706
BhanwarlaiBranch Post Office344001
BhataBranch Post Office344801
BhawariaBranch Post Office344706
BhedanaBranch Post Office344031
BherudiBranch Post Office344704
Bhilon Ka ParBranch Post Office344502
Bhimarl R.S.Branch Post Office344034
BhimarlaiBranch Post Office344034
BhimdaBranch Post Office344035
BhimthalBranch Post Office344704
BhinyadBranch Post Office344701
BhojariaBranch Post Office344702
BhojasarBranch Post Office344034
BhuniaBranch Post Office344704
BhunkaBranch Post Office344022
BhurtiaBranch Post Office344035
BinjasarBranch Post Office344702
BinjradBranch Post Office344702
BisarniyaBranch Post Office344704
BisasarBranch Post Office344706
BishalaSub Post Office344011
Bishala AgoreBranch Post Office344011
BissukallanBranch Post Office344701
BithujaBranch Post Office344022
BolaBranch Post Office344001
BoliBranch Post Office344704
Booth JetmalBranch Post Office344708
Booth RathodanBranch Post Office344702
BoothiaBranch Post Office344501
Bore CharnanBranch Post Office344704
BorwaBranch Post Office344703
BudiwaraBranch Post Office344022
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