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Explore list of all Postal codes in Sevlievo (Севлиево), Gabrovo (Габрово), Bulgaria or Retrieve instantly using address lookup tool.

Explore list of Postal codes in Sevlievo (Севлиево) municipality, Gabrovo (Габрово) Province, Bulgaria with our comprehensive directory. There are a total of 53 postal codes in Sevlievo (Севлиево). Whether you're a resident, a business owner, or a traveler, our curated list provides a detailed overview of the unique postal codes that define the diverse localities and municipalities in Sevlievo (Севлиево). Our user-friendly guide aims to assist you in navigating and understanding the distinct regions encapsulated by Sevlievo (Севлиево) Postal codes, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors alike.

To find a comprehensive list of Postal codes in Sevlievo (Севлиево), please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code and address for your mail's destination:

List of Postal codes in Sevlievo (Севлиево)

Area / LocalityPostal codeDetails
Agatovo (Агатово)5431
Baeva livada (Баева ливада)5442
Batoshevo (Батошево)5470
Berievo (Бериево)5438
Boazut (Боазът)5453
Bogatovo (Богатово)5421
Bulgari (Българи)5441
Burja (Буря)5425
Damjanovo (Дамяново)5437
Debelcovo (Дебелцово)5400
Dismanica (Дисманица)5444
Djaluk (Дялък)5454
Dobromirka (Добромирка)5430
Drjanut (Дрянът)5467
Dushevo (Душево)5455
Dushevski kolibi (Душевски колиби)5456
Enev rut (Енев рът)5469
Gorna Rosica (Горна Росица)5448
Gradishhe (Градище)5435
Gradnica (Градница)9498
Idilevo (Идилево)5422
Karamichevci (Карамичевци)5471
Kastel (Кастел)5472
Khirevo (Хирево)5451
Korijata (Корията)5457
Kormjansko (Кормянско)5433
Kramolin (Крамолин)5429
Krushevo (Крушево)5427
Kruvenik (Кръвеник)5460
Kupen (Купен)5463
Lovnidol (Ловнидол)5423
Malinovo (Малиново)5443
Malki Vurshec (Малки Вършец)5432
Marinovci (Мариновци)5445
Mladen (Младен)5428
Mlechevo (Млечево)5441
Petko Slavejkov (Петко Славейков)6434
Popska (Попска)5466
Rjakhovcite (Ряховците)5440
Roguljat (Рогулят)5447
Selishhe (Селище)5462
Sennik (Сенник)5450
Sevlievo (Севлиево)5400
Shopite (Шопите)5459
Shumata (Шумата)5468
Stokite (Стоките)5462
Stolut (Столът)5452
Tabashka (Табашка)5461
Tumbalovo (Тумбалово)5464
Turkhovo (Търхово)5424
Ugorelec (Угорелец)5465
Valevci (Валевци)5462
Vojnishka (Войнишка)5458

Interactive Map of Sevlievo (Севлиево) Postal codes

Interactive Postal code lookup Map: Simply click on any location on the map to instantly reveal its Postal code and address details. For a more immersive experience, engage Fullscreen mode to maximize your exploration capabilities and enable smooth navigation with scroll gestures.

Sevlievo (Севлиево) postal codes, streamlined and structured, offer a unique insight into the country's geographical organization. Comprising four digits without separator characters, these codes serve as navigational markers within Sevlievo (Севлиево). The initial digit denotes Gabrovo (Габрово) province. Meanwhile, the subsequent digits offer increasingly granular detail, narrowing down to specific areas and localities. This structured format ensures efficient sorting and delivery of mail, enabling seamless communication across urban centers, rural villages, and everything in between.

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