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Explore all 288 ZIP Codes in Connecticut (CT), United States with our comprehensive directory. Whether you're a resident, a business owner, or a traveler, our curated list provides a detailed overview of the unique postal codes that define the diverse neighborhoods and regions of the State. Discover the intricacies of each ZIP Code, from bustling urban centers to tranquil suburban enclaves. Our user-friendly guide aims to assist you in navigating and understanding the distinct regions encapsulated by Connecticut's (CT) ZIP Codes, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors alike.

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List of ZIP codes in Connecticut (CT)

CityCountyZIP codeDetails
AnsoniaNaugatuck Valley06401
AshfordNortheastern Connecticut06278
BalticSoutheastern Connecticut06330
BantamNorthwest Hills06750
BarkhamstedNorthwest Hills06063
Beacon FallsNaugatuck Valley06403
BethanySouth Central Connecticut06524
BethelWestern Connecticut06801
BethlehemNaugatuck Valley06751
BozrahSoutheastern Connecticut06334
BranfordSouth Central Connecticut06405
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport06604
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport06605
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport06606
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport06607
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport06608
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport06610
BridgewaterWestern Connecticut06752
BristolNaugatuck Valley06010
Broad BrookCapitol06016
BrookfieldWestern Connecticut06804
BrooklynNortheastern Connecticut06234
BurlingtonNorthwest Hills06013
CanaanNorthwest Hills06018
CanterburyNortheastern Connecticut06331
Canton CenterCapitol06020
CenterbrookLower Connecticut River Valley06409
Central VillageNortheastern Connecticut06332
ChaplinNortheastern Connecticut06235
CheshireNaugatuck Valley06410
ChesterLower Connecticut River Valley06412
ClintonLower Connecticut River Valley06413
CobaltLower Connecticut River Valley06414
ColchesterSoutheastern Connecticut06415
ColebrookNorthwest Hills06021
CornwallNorthwest Hills06753
Cornwall BridgeNorthwest Hills06754
Cos CobWestern Connecticut06807
CromwellLower Connecticut River Valley06416
DanburyWestern Connecticut06810
DanburyWestern Connecticut06811
DanielsonNortheastern Connecticut06239
DarienWestern Connecticut06820
DayvilleNortheastern Connecticut06241
Deep RiverLower Connecticut River Valley06417
DerbyNaugatuck Valley06418
DurhamLower Connecticut River Valley06422
East BerlinCapitol06023
East CanaanNorthwest Hills06024
East GranbyCapitol06026
East HaddamLower Connecticut River Valley06423
East HamptonLower Connecticut River Valley06424
East HartfordCapitol06108
East HartfordCapitol06118
East HartlandNorthwest Hills06027
East HavenSouth Central Connecticut06512
East KillinglyNortheastern Connecticut06243
East LymeSoutheastern Connecticut06333
East WindsorCapitol06088
EastfordNortheastern Connecticut06242
EastonGreater Bridgeport06612
EssexLower Connecticut River Valley06426
FairfieldGreater Bridgeport06824
FairfieldGreater Bridgeport06825
Falls VillageNorthwest Hills06031
Gales FerrySoutheastern Connecticut06335
GaylordsvilleWestern Connecticut06755
GilmanSoutheastern Connecticut06336
GoshenNorthwest Hills06756
GreenwichWestern Connecticut06830
GreenwichWestern Connecticut06831
GrotonSoutheastern Connecticut06340
GuilfordSouth Central Connecticut06437
HaddamLower Connecticut River Valley06438
HadlymeLower Connecticut River Valley06439
HamdenSouth Central Connecticut06514
HamdenSouth Central Connecticut06517
HamdenSouth Central Connecticut06518
HamptonNortheastern Connecticut06247
HanoverSoutheastern Connecticut06350
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