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Explore list of all Postal codes in Kjustendil (Кюстендил), Kjustendil (Кюстендил), Bulgaria or Retrieve instantly using address lookup tool.

Explore list of Postal codes in Kjustendil (Кюстендил) municipality, Kjustendil (Кюстендил) Province, Bulgaria with our comprehensive directory. There are a total of 72 postal codes in Kjustendil (Кюстендил). Whether you're a resident, a business owner, or a traveler, our curated list provides a detailed overview of the unique postal codes that define the diverse localities and municipalities in Kjustendil (Кюстендил). Our user-friendly guide aims to assist you in navigating and understanding the distinct regions encapsulated by Kjustendil (Кюстендил) Postal codes, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors alike.

To find a comprehensive list of Postal codes in Kjustendil (Кюстендил), please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code and address for your mail's destination:

List of Postal codes in Kjustendil (Кюстендил)

Area / LocalityPostal codeDetails
Bagrenci (Багренци)2530
Bersin (Берсин)2587
Blatec (Блатец)2548
Bobeshino (Бобешино)2567
Bogoslov (Богослов)2509
Bunovo (Буново)2539
Cerovica (Церовица)2567
Chudinci (Чудинци)2562
Creshnovo (Црешново)2563
Curvena jabulka (Цървена ябълка)2576
Curvendol (Цървендол)2567
Curvenjano (Цървеняно)2542
Dolna Grashhica (Долна Гращица)2536
Dolno selo (Долно село)2567
Dolno Ujno (Долно Уйно)2560
Dozhdevica (Дождевица)2547
Dragovishhica (Драговищица)2564
Dvorishhe (Дворище)2541
Girchevci (Гирчевци)2546
Gjueshevo (Гюешево)2570
Goranovci (Горановци)2565
Gorna Brestnica (Горна Брестница)2575
Gorna Grashhica (Горна Гращица)2535
Gorno Ujno (Горно Уйно)2561
Gramazhdano (Грамаждано)2574
Granica (Граница)2589
Gurbanovci (Гурбановци)2567
Gurbino (Гърбино)2550
Gurljano (Гърляно)2568
Ivanovci (Ивановци)2562
Jabulkovo (Ябълково)2544
Kamenichka Skakavica (Каменичка Скакавица)2572
Katrishhe (Катрище)2537
Kjustendil (Кюстендил)2500
Konjavo (Коняво)2540
Kopilovci (Копиловци)2543
Kopriva (Коприва)2567
Kurshalevo (Кършалево)2563
Kutugerci (Кутугерци)2567
Lelinci (Лелинци)2588
Leska (Леска)2567
Lisec (Лисец)2547
Lomnica (Ломница)2562
Lozno (Лозно)2507
Mazarachevo (Мазарачево)2549
Nikolichevci (Николичевци)2599
Novi chiflik (Нови чифлик)2531
Novo selo (Ново село)2534
Piperkov chiflik (Пиперков чифлик)2508
Poletinci (Полетинци)2561
Polska Skakavica (Полска Скакавица)2551
Prekolnica (Преколница)2571
Radlovci (Радловци)2548
Ranenci (Раненци)2569
Razhdavica (Раждавица)2550
Rezhinci (Режинци)2562
Rusovo (Ръсово)2568
Savojski (Савойски)2576
Sazhdenik (Сажденик)2576
Shipochano (Шипочано)2552
Shishkovci (Шишковци)2553
Skrinjano (Скриняно)2599
Slokoshhica (Слокощица)2533
Sovoljano (Соволяно)2547
Stensko (Стенско)2566
Tavalichevo (Таваличево)2538
Turnovlag (Търновлаг)2532
Tursino (Търсино)2586
Vratca (Вратца)2575
Zhabokrut (Жабокрът)2545
Zheravino (Жеравино)2567
Zhilenci (Жиленци)2573

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Kjustendil (Кюстендил) postal codes, streamlined and structured, offer a unique insight into the country's geographical organization. Comprising four digits without separator characters, these codes serve as navigational markers within Kjustendil (Кюстендил). The initial digit denotes Kjustendil (Кюстендил) province. Meanwhile, the subsequent digits offer increasingly granular detail, narrowing down to specific areas and localities. This structured format ensures efficient sorting and delivery of mail, enabling seamless communication across urban centers, rural villages, and everything in between.

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