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Código de Endereçamento Postal (CEP), which translates to "Postal Addressing Code" in English, is a crucial part of Brazil's postal system. It's a system designed to organize mail, ensuring that it gets delivered quickly and efficiently throughout the country. The idea behind CEP was to make the delivery process smoother, especially considering Brazil's vast and varied geography. By giving each region its own unique code, CEP has made a big difference in how accurately and promptly mail gets delivered. Please refer to the table below to Find the CEPs of all major cities in Brazil, along with an interactive map showcasing the postal regions across Brazil.

To find a comprehensive list of CEP Codes in Brazil, please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code for your mail's destination.

List of CEP Codes in Brazil

StateISO codeCEP (Range)Count
AcreAC69900-000 to 69990-00022
AlagoasAL57000-000 to 57995-000101
AmapaAP68900-000 to 68997-00016
AmazonasAM69000-000 to 69895-00062
BahiaBA40000-000 to 48990-000415
CearaCE60000-000 to 63970-000184
Distrito FederalDF70000-000 to 73300-00019
Espirito SantoES29000-000 to 29980-00077
GoiasGO72800-000 to 76740-000242
MaranhaoMA65000-000 to 65995-000217
Mato GrossoMT78000-000 to 78890-000126
Mato Grosso do SulMS79000-000 to 79995-00077
Minas GeraisMG30000-000 to 39998-000853
ParaPA66000-000 to 68890-000143
ParaibaPB58000-000 to 58995-000223
ParanaPR80000-000 to 87990-000399
PernambucoPE50000-000 to 56980-000185
PiauiPI64000-000 to 64995-000221
Rio de JaneiroRJ20000-000 to 28990-00091
Rio Grande do NorteRN59000-000 to 59995-000166
Rio Grande do SulRS90000-000 to 99990-000467
RondoniaRO78900-000 to 78999-00052
RoraimaRR69300-000 to 69390-00015
Santa CatarinaSC88000-000 to 89998-000293
Sao PauloSP01000-000 to 19990-000645
SergipeSE49000-000 to 49995-00075
TocantinsTO77000-000 to 77995-000139

Interactive Map of CEP Brazil

Interactive CEP code lookup Map: Simply click on any location on the map to instantly reveal its CEP code and address details. For a more immersive experience, engage Fullscreen mode to maximize your exploration capabilities and enable smooth navigation with scroll gestures.

Format of CEP Brazil

The CEP started in 1972 with just five numbers. But in 1992, it was expanded to eight numbers to make locations more precise. The format is “nnnnn-nnn”, where the first five numbers are followed by a hyphen and then three more numbers. Each number in the first part stands for a different area, like a region or sector. The last three numbers help with distribution.

Big cities with lots of people have a CEP for every public place and some private places too, like big buildings and condos. Small towns have a general 5-number code that ends with -000.

History of CEP Brazil

The Brazilian Post and Telegraph Corporation made the CEP in May 1971. It started with just five numbers. The system was made to help sort and deliver mail, so the postal service could get letters and packages to the right place quickly and easily.

In May 1992, the Brazilian postal code changed to eight numbers to make locations more precise. This change was a big moment in the history of the CEP.

Implementation of CEP Brazil

The CEP has really helped make mail delivery in Brazil more efficient. The full postal code database, called DNE, has more than 900,000 codes. It includes streets, neighborhoods, cities, and state names. At first, it was free on the Brazilian post office website. But after some improvements, it’s now a paid service called e-DNE.

Brazil was split into ten postal areas for coding. This was done based on things like how much each state was growing and developing. The CEPs were given out starting from the state of São Paulo and going counter-clockwise.

When giving out CEPs, the Correios group cities, districts, and villages into areas. Most of these areas are split into urban and rural parts. Cities with just one CEP use the same code for mail going to rural areas. But for cities with codes for specific streets that include rural areas, a special CEP is used.

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