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Bermuda, a beautiful island in the North Atlantic Ocean, has a special postal system with unique Postal Codes. These codes are essential for making sure mail gets delivered efficiently across the whole island. Bermuda's Postal Codes are alphanumeric codes that are used to designate specific geographic areas for mail sorting and delivery purposes. The format typically consists of two letters followed by two digits, such as DV 01 or FL 03. The letters represent the parish or region, while the digits indicate the specific zone within that parish. To find list of all Postal Codes in Bermuda, please refer to the tables below:

To find a comprehensive list of Postal codes in Bermuda, please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code and address for your mail's destination:

List of Postal codes in Bermuda

Postal codeParishCity
CR 01HamiltonHamilton Parish
CR 02HamiltonHamilton Parish
CR 03HamiltonHamilton Parish
CR 04Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
CR 04HamiltonHamilton Parish
DD 01Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
DD 02Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
DD 03Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
DV 01Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 02Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 03Paget ParishPaget
DV 03Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 04Paget ParishPaget
DV 04Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 05Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 06Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 07Devonshire ParishDevonshire
DV 08Devonshire ParishDevonshire
FL 01Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 01Devonshire ParishDevonshire
FL 02Devonshire ParishDevonshire
FL 02Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 03Devonshire ParishDevonshire
FL 03Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 04HamiltonHamilton Parish
FL 04Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 05Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 05Devonshire ParishDevonshire
FL 06Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 07Smith’s ParishSmith’s
FL 08Smith’s ParishSmith’s
GE 01Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
GE 02Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
GE 02Saint GeorgeTown of St. George
GE 03Saint GeorgeTown of St. George
GE 03Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
GE 04Saint GeorgeTown of St. George
GE 04Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
GE 05Saint GeorgeTown of St. George
GE 05Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
GE CXSaint George’s ParishSt. George's
HM 01Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 02Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 03Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 04Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 05Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 06Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 07Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 08Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 08HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 09Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 09HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 10HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 11HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 12HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 13Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 14Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 14Devonshire ParishDevonshire
HM 15Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 15Devonshire ParishDevonshire
HM 16Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 16Devonshire ParishDevonshire
HM 17Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 17HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 18Devonshire ParishDevonshire
HM 18Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 19Pembroke ParishPembroke
HM 19Devonshire ParishDevonshire
HM 19HamiltonCity of Hamilton
HM 20Devonshire ParishDevonshire
HM 20Pembroke ParishPembroke
HS 01Smith’s ParishSmith’s
HS 02HamiltonHamilton Parish
HS 02Smith’s ParishSmith’s
HS 02Saint GeorgeSt. George
HS 02Saint George’s ParishSt. George's
MA 01Sandys ParishSandys
MA 02Sandys ParishSandys
MA 03Sandys ParishSandys
MA 04Sandys ParishSandys
MA 05Sandys ParishSandys
MA 06Sandys ParishSandys
PG 01Warwick ParishWarwick
PG 01Paget ParishPaget
PG 02Paget ParishPaget
PG 03Paget ParishPaget
PG 04Paget ParishPaget
PG 04Warwick ParishWarwick
PG 05Paget ParishPaget
PG 06Paget ParishPaget
SB 01Sandys ParishSandys
SB 02Southampton ParishSouthampton
SB 02Sandys ParishSandys
SB 03Southampton ParishSouthampton
SB 03Sandys ParishSandys
SB 04Southampton ParishSouthampton
SN 01Southampton ParishSouthampton
SN 02Southampton ParishSouthampton
SN 03Southampton ParishSouthampton
SN 04Southampton ParishSouthampton
WK 01Southampton ParishSouthampton
WK 01Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 02Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 03Southampton ParishSouthampton
WK 03Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 04Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 05Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 06Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 07Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 08Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 09Warwick ParishWarwick
WK 10Warwick ParishWarwick

Interactive Map of Postal codes in Bermuda

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History of Bermuda Postal Codes:

Bermuda Postal Codes have a fascinating history. Back in the mid-20th century, the island aimed to improve its mail delivery system. Before Postal Codes, sorting and distributing mail were often slow and prone to mistakes.

In 1949, Bermuda introduced its first postal code system called the “Bermuda District Scheme.” They divided the island into separate postal districts, each with a unique alphanumeric code. This early system laid the groundwork for the modern Postal Codes we have today.

As Bermuda’s population grew and things changed, they refined the postal code system. By the 1970s, they had the current format in place. These Postal Codes made a big difference. They helped postal workers sort and route mail more efficiently. Each code pointed to a specific region or parish, making deliveries faster and improving overall service quality.

Implementation of Bermuda Postal Codes:

The creation of Bermuda Postal Codes was a joint effort involving the Bermuda Post Office and relevant government agencies. They meticulously mapped out each zone’s boundaries and assigned accurate codes to residential and commercial areas. To spread awareness, public campaigns educated residents and businesses about the new postal system. Postal workers received training to use these zone codes effectively.

A significant challenge was aligning existing addresses with the new zones. Databases were updated, records revised, and local authorities consulted for address verification. The Bermuda Post Office assisted individuals and organizations in adopting the new system.

Today, Bermuda Postal Codes play a crucial role in efficient mail delivery. As the island grows, the system adapts to meet its evolving needs.

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