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Belarus, located in Eastern Europe, is known for its robust postal system, Belposhta. This system plays a crucial role in the country’s communication infrastructure, ensuring that mail and packages are delivered efficiently and accurately to their intended destinations. One of the key components of this system is the use of postal codes. In Belarus, the official term for postal codes is "паштовыя індэксы" (pash'tovyja indeksy), which translates to "postal codes" in English. They are also commonly referred to simply as "індэксы" (indeksy), meaning "indexes" or "codes." These codes are a series of digits that are assigned to specific geographic areas within the country. They serve as an essential tool for sorting and delivering mail. By including the correct postal code on a piece of mail, senders can help ensure that their mail is routed to the correct location quickly and efficiently.

To find a comprehensive list of Postal codes in Belarus, please refer to the table below or click on any location on the Interactive map to instantly find the postal code and address for your mail's destination:

List of Postal codes in Belarus

RegionPostal codes (Range)
Brest224000 to 225927
Gomel211657 to 247995
Grodno211227 to 231988
Minsk220000 to 223948
Mogilev212000 to 247711
Vitebsk210000 to 211999

Interactive Map of Belarus Postal codes

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Format of Belarus Postal Codes:

Belarus postal codes are structured in a clear and concise manner, comprising six digits each. The arrangement is straightforward: the first three digits denote the region, while the latter three pinpoint the specific post office. This arrangement streamlines the sorting and distribution process, exemplified by codes like 220050, which delineate both the region (220) and the particular post office within it (050).

History of Belarus Postal Codes:

The roots of Belarus postal services trace back to antiquity, with historical records dating as far back as 885 mentioning messenger services in the region. During the era of the Russian Empire, spanning from 1917 to 1991, Belarus utilized postage stamps issued by the Soviet Union. However, with the nation's declaration of independence in 1991, Belarus embarked on its own postal journey, establishing an independent postal administration in 1992. The inaugural stamp released under Belarusian independence featured the Cross of Saint Euphrosyne, a symbol harking back to the country's rich heritage.

Implementation of Belarus Postal Codes:

The introduction of the Belarus postal code system marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the nation's postal landscape. Each administrative division maintains its unique set of postal codes, crucial for the accurate and timely delivery of mail. Ensuring the correct postal code is affixed to outgoing mail is paramount for its successful transit. These codes are integral across all corners of Belarus, and various aids, such as interactive maps and address lookup tools, are available to assist in pinpointing the precise postal codes.

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